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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  February 17, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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da gh hiager wores fld chie carti erwork as toim minf um oan$15 .hour tnextrehey'in aske g the statdr co ernsidpi helarng p wentsith ch enildr a whoivre lating or be tlowovhe p erty.line uato q flifyhaor thet t`bee n ma 1,ke $ o200esr l non by en doz ts of s re pagonts ott eml ionaewhil st lingeni e to achr'otheab iestornd e onermothpa in ulrticaiar sd e shtohad e giverup h two drchilor f adoption because e e shulco'tdnff ad oralhecath, re seexcu c me, childorare sheos ul co adn'td ffortato smey ho p ca oere nerrm h.selfrad th prese erovidd s anntpares ge to atherskre athing ate ste to in secreads fun e anduaventlly th ste coch of caild orre f low meincoil famies. >> pl peoe e arggstru.ling wathe dongz d neeomto ci we e car fporoderyb cy'srehildn d an e havyay mff sta imminagum wuse jt to rvsu.ive d ant' thaas hrd tdoo . >> re rtpo: erub pcliom cntmes arstdtebo aut 1300: tshi rnmongi.
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inagat, it wenfo on nr aou hr d anlfa ha. bothe dardid notak teue qnsstio bu ett s aside the sonessio t telis pn tocublimm co.ents th ley'le mak d aioecisn shlyort. ne tu inne to 3ws forpd u oatesn th at. re inportivg l ne inorth velas gas,yn k dellnu.nley ba tcko u.yo ry>> k: stalnk tha s youmuo ch. we appreciateh tat upteda. >> ic mllhe: ee natw no ,on cepolive hant idedifie the sp su iectn ake weend home siinvahon waso wt sho inhe t ce fain durg the bbroery. d weo have to warn you,h tispo e imagrais g.phicnt is th aerxandnz go.alez enou y s canhiee tics petur n cae se w thesoundht rigt h on.face asit w iho.ital he vmafe sufesi serienjur cl ingudin att shadere jaw. he wre's whatkne ow. th e ienncidt unedfold in a ne orighb nhood learegas vas bo aulevndrd aac ctusn i the ous pthtarf oeth va.lleycoe ve ne orighbays s m theasan wr gryin r re b iakatn om hri atnd a.nd lo oncatied tripu to hrsh t ough^a e thy dogg.door 'sthatn whehothe nemeowr gr edabbun a g s and hhotnim i e thce fa
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a ofrony winngdo tg incahat se. >> 'r> wesoe alck trathing is de pivelostng .ory cepoliki loowoor ty t menhey s ieay t eea72-yd r-oln woma randckansa elyy thisor mg.nin it pe hapned inun s cityth anem ou arnd 2p.:15 m. li poayce s two mennt e teredhe ho itme wh a m.rear ey thdeemanz.vabl the sctuspesie t duphe t ea72-yd r-olnwoma l and weftith as cndh a weje.lry fo atrtun,ely theic v itims ok.ay he sy onlas h minor iienjurs. c ofeourske shaupn . if youav h aenyor infonmati li porece ain askgt tha you sepleaon cttac emth. u yo canlw a aysinremaany anor tr slo e by li calarri copmest apers 38702-555-55. k >>alrystet: lal's tlik potics no w. po a usll jlet re basedn y cnand th ce orow shcst ju hgh tif r a taceomhe nioinatsn iee herin r oue cl nintold horazon this ma argindiccorong t the poll. raovell 48 pnterce l ofyikel uc caus adettenayes s they orsupptil h larytoclinehil 47 enpercppt su borte erniersands. e thuc caus isat syurda and it
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e thlas quir w ouof cnerse iws 3urs yoce pla r fothall ingstipolics. we l wile havosixtenagover heof tcu causs a it dsfola trighe herin daneva. m >>lliche ye: soeah es_ s thienbr mo g rnind i haigto d m outy or sho ts tgechano inter aft the tshowy.oda usbeca e i thaveoo g nderras. i ld cou en't enin fcom then e be e,caus k yourysnywalope y todahois sereath_l >> ly kelt : inidefi itelyien fl loip-fatp we ther,rt-shi at weher. en joy. be ecause menom tw orroonis plytaiorep nd kiwe of r.athe_ iherelos a t ok asothe asuthe ercare t andicechncaal a demy racame. h weuiad q ateew flo cs ud gtoet th singsedtart. ie skeas cl uringthp wie mor cmores loudonare w then.ay i e as w lareinooktg a- ertempesaturtt prefocomlertab s ht rig nowdon.towli ke la a n greeeyvallde 69 s.greet il stpel exg ctinhiour o gh ti 79 3: by 00.
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ar 3ound^a te atmper sures dtartinroppf g of e as winget heto trn ove ight s.hour e we'r lalsongookith at e ss poitibilr y fo sueinrawe shonot yo e u see thosndarou0 9:0 'rthey te onayhe w co we go're toing k looheat tar rad juand owst hon stre g ths wind exare edpectbe to in com.g up ry>> k: stalp- fli dflopay to day. po ilnytamo to.rrow k thanyou. ap iaprecitte . m >>llichewee: ve hall reay co ivol lice psturewa we o nt t yshowigou rfut oadbi ju , arezxime, coutsoofh he tar rdbo terrehet axate this is the po apehes s ikima his way through the city of uajrez. as re we'^ald tomos e htan i bnweens p ap tmpoinnte rshtigno w. an ishre whesaoi gong t be shiing riisto tte,o t comexi. 's itng goi w enda ith imassn ju jarez tustouwo hrors fnom tan as tec'nbys jay gra c howsdhoror m aonillipl peo ae re peexedcto tt andte tathma .ss and there's going to be tens of thousands of people sharing the moment just across the border in ba.paso in>> freal ptiparaer und aherehet t sl bowhe
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uscamper latda toy o,000 r so ctexpeoed totrathee her tue ju li astene s thiv delth o fi mnalm fro ajustscrosall^he tas border. just a few mileswa away iny ezjuar. i >>n 'm iasel poso cloe t xi mehco w iichen havee't s 20 ea 'sitve emotional. >> reporter: it is the end of a five-day mexican tour for the pope and wayll sn ps mas tmoreil a m lion wwhoill th ganer ixi mendco a tensf o th ndousao s wh bwillree he. it will bela o mixalf rei theology and technology this afternoon. there wille btwa wao-viy o de efed. so e the popl wil a be t an ead h trhose whohe gatrer he as he t wyatchnd ast li tenois h agmesse. e wetxpec toee seo pplear stt to fi ll isth sditaum longef bore th als mascaer aft.noonno 'ltheyinl jopr in aayersond le cetibraheng thauna p palvi ithathes t do e.testi q r fofrnow l om e, paso , graynenbc ws. >> he mic lle:riall ght.
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urpicts es aeewe s p theante ro m pe ponc fras is iduschetoled et meh witcamexirkn wo ers, onpris gers,rorass gotssroup oyempl om cuping ay todoy2 1 wre go teing oull y p thegoope t fr atustr s bosomen dy icrthe aowds ws heas si vi tting.oday unotlysual w how ue're tsedo se geinm. hipri st jusons goe,showeven the pope ha tslimi. >>takrys nl: toew adayon, fe ldera ptosecus_loom cngbini co g,mbinho s uldsahy, throug o annregodl wilreife efugkr nue oc edcupivondiodrm aoto-prerests y sa to fund arfirems, pl exesosiv andchtrenes. a tcouril fing asrele tedayuesd ys sahe t 'sfbion cnecerhad tt ca , pohe tr reug refye magor e hava a en beby boopp-traed. in igvestsatoro alsdi fin gn sianificmot a ount hexp fe acesvil th bie fctsxpeco tak teehr ek we cs tonuontinve igaestig.tin mo treozwo deoen p arrested in connecontih wit deincint. >> ev> n radaeranchd anceum nda ti aner-govtnmen eiv actclist nive
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after a jgeuden dediilba. e thrt cou oedrderbu ndy marein be hindsbar sgayinhe s i a htfligs rik. ybundes facha c orgesf ns cocypirar ovee nd stawioff defel rafiofalcis two years ago. he could spend thees roft is h li ife pnsori if convicted on e thgechar fs he.acesre ic>> me:hellre moub troorle fto bi osll cby. th x e seulassaset cain agaimst h ngmoviwa forrd. an 'rd weine go tg toyoell atu wh mthat feansheor tat embdtle dicomean. >> st kry mthing bieir a th s ere'l stilhsmontfe to qu fo behere t6 201piolymcs. th une con tdowctis ay uallon. ab siout ntx moivhs g te orake. ci atiesvell oe r thd worlare lo ahok tead20o e tht putining ir thes bid da tondy aosly osmpic 2 forpi ve haevn't goen ttena20deunayrw. >> ic mllhe te: ghen e ad hehe-to-ad. ap anple hed t f fbitiighveng os ac ontth of n e sa arbernodinr'ooten.ones we anshars tnv itiestogars th kin tshi pneho mhtigol hd and why apple i resifu goeiv up th 'satom cg in aupt 120:3.
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o whe str amedliveid v oeof he elrsf dngriviun drk has oi av jdedail .time st la fall 24r--yeawhold yitne el bise uhed tci soale mdia ap ri peescop tow sho helersf dr nginki andri d avingfter le gavin aar b in cpao ori fl a.oridd 'm>> ivi driomng h.unk ry>> k: stalay ok. so a crnonceedr use on psceriope al c ledcepoli. e sh p wasedullr ove andedo rearedst last week she needed no ntco rito d uving tndernfhe iceluen reshe edceivix a sth monen licse sp suonensin , te odayshif vecle im dmpoun aent,12nd th mons ob prnatio c allnommoo for airst ti dume i. sh le acei rec50 1r hous of co itmmunsey e,rvic tenay ds of we dekenrk wo reeleasec beausin au fl hntedaer d angerhand wr s wag doinheto titmmuny. >> il> bcol ssby'e caspp a tearso be mngovir fo.ward
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re edject aai clm from cossby' la swyert tha wtheholeas c bee sentir dyectl to the pe lvnnsyaniare supoume corrt f pe apal. it w moe t a pnlimi he g arinarin mhech whre te pr utosecilor wyl tr c tonconvie a jgeudhe t'sren eghouvi encdee to or meo fvdit wh the- -e mov arforw wdthith e trial. e th -y78olear-ds iusaccfed o ug dr andtiiolant aor fr me s te lempni ursvey itplemeeoyt a s hihome in philadelphia. andoz dsenf oom wec rten ye harseavte sedppor frdwa cuacngsi cosby of suaexdss altau after drugging them. cosbyas hie dend all the le alongatis. >>elmich wle: ge're oing take outo ye livpa to ris. 's itrd ha toel beievh wit the 20 16iclympils stbol aixut s nt moawhs roay fowm ns bid are aalrewi groorng felece he ta4 202 ersummmp olyic megas. d ani parsre pedsent its bid to e thmp olyomic ceemittar eerli to y.da r eomls ao ueinvdle itsn pla t .oday pthecrojetedst cold wou antmou orto mhae tnos d conv.7$4li bil wobut guldatenerroe p
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>> os> lel anghaes uts p a in bid fo elim2420t r itseeleas d it tlogoayuesd en eving. he wre's ihatwot k loohere like ci on althg wiet a dd aile.plan_emp th yme olcopic temmitlle wie vot epin sertembne of eaxt yr. d an wthenile winl futd o who tgets 2024 gesam. > >>re thenlp a new dtop y.toda th e th140nn aualtm weserinsty nt elkennb clushdog roow cddwn a w nepichamn on isomadiuan sqre ga nrdesd tueigay nht. mo ha t3,000 dcaogs me to ergeth c toetompore fhe t ittleut bof, ou c,rse k younow he tanre cy onlon be e nnwier. th eais yher t werinn was a rm gehan sortre haid pteoinrm fro cuteme la,focalia.rnip very close to san diego. named jc.. is 'tne hcu ?te c. d. is teaee yldrs o tonlyhihe tfrd o his bre tedy. i\n wi e n thn.crow c 20 >> st kry ial: nk this thiheis t tlastofime d hisadog h won cthis wrownikas l te inathe le 80 .s
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me tboutbehis e causadhe heua st juwe sho ad metu picf re ola do cog a oupleekf weo s agjun sa sid ineaw oth of atese thet dog park. never seen one before. un fot d ous it i wa --ishat it. >> st kry gal: n ermat shoredhair tepoinr. m >>llichehee: d saiali rely li hike te.s on benow ecausis it es a wsttminer ke cnneldolub lo uednnwi ttheef th me i ian,-'m -nadoog d sdog a bulutifma e tht besgo. bu n't do at wea dellkey? k >>: ellyl, welu yo,know i th think aeregshin su ho s nidefi atelyboveryody t d senl hein tesir b st inhow. >> he mic lle:'sthatre a gat id ea. >> ly kelet tweor us ce fa ybook bourestmensn iajte a shhac >> he mic lle:itmy lgitle d woulesbe bvat di e forlexamp o my otheroune we ld b bestd nk oir la [ erught k >>alryston: dal't touk abt y lala. >> he mic lle:loshe toves i >> st kry wal: rehat beyna el>> k aly: dl cuder.
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ba sbiesndo ser you pinics el>> k wly: nte wase to y ct pi ouresurf yopy pup i and th e ey'ridoutsjoe en tying tibeauweful r athee we'vlogot ts s ofinunshghe riw.t no typrete nicitcond iionsn hr paatump em rosclary miark ddle sc 7hoolgr3 deees. th nde wie s artistaro ng t pick up. so niuth ilne meres pr. hou s gustoup t m 25 pileshoer ur. ot therraempes turehein teyall do owwnts p u tdisre degfo un mostaine edg . orel dadoom cing in at 7 no wnds i tal vleyl stil typretgh li lm caso in ocme lnsatio. t upn o tes milehoper ur. th aeseoire gsoo tinconto ue t d buillyslowwe as i getthnto e te afn rnoos.hour heby trn ove iight tntoroomor git's toing ett prend wi er th ae'sh higgrmid winenngarni for sthegprinun mos.tainer at th9 millnc islude rk rocass yo cann r fo a74de sha gran idenlo yelhwis 69, br .own s windingustotg paenti ullyop tn 5 6s es mil h perd t ineihe bhage tclt in udes velas vagas alleylls we as me tesquihr, pa wump, ge're oing wsee gindsngusti t up5o 4eiles
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dannt i tot dar stormow.rop no wri'shere 'v we gis thyrett s 'sthatorinorktsg iar tow . us e ewe'r sring ho ss werndarou es fr a losesngelgrare starting toee sac viti we rt statoing a seeu camit l t bi l ofnosoho shortsf o pa p.hrum li caente it'sta sg rtin mtoove wa to rdyou. r foas veg seitlfst'comenzoi g a f ofil untte dve ohtrnigrs hou fuour cturemoast sdel jhows alienet ste eshi tn s ionmotit ingettntg iheo tni eve aho e re hear we 8e atyo:30 e u sesome of p thepireciontatiar st ttingo or wtsk i wayinn fandnto mgrnin utcomm lstile engectie somrein spr akles t idloin a tplango yiveeloursit l tle bitxt era .time f assar at whae' wrexp engecti th ese rft o the day rt palyny sun esski. wi nds of ut othe sweouthst about f iveo t tenil meres p ho ig hoh ttexpecu a hitra d 80esegrendo o igvern go ng towgo dn to57. br ceezytiondions. a n chaorce ftan we shoe d an athen gs wentet io mo to.rrow y.wind
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.hour w a feerlingshing s owerhein t ea arwe as ll. co aolerend w t say ihatn qu .otes ercool. aeg70 d.reess th sat's wtillabell noove rmaluna fo isr the timeaof yr. od gos newhois theugh g adininto th eee w ikend lt'sngookisvia ecperft. m >>lliche ye: ouou c*reti sa we fllip- wops tith cooln.dow th hat'se w f d ciewns. n y todanoat iaxs tsta se aasonomnd sdyebold cout bea to t youunhe pndch aea stoul y fu rend. ha s ppen tmorehan you k.thin int'soday o ripn arie ermorte seho smanas u^at juseahow sy it fo is car srsmme t toas ou y rminfon,ation turnit ind aet g th oneyckba. r >>teepor wr: e'reki talng a bboutigey monn whe fulraudent re s turn fare.iled thers ies tharhe tfi con rmed tiidenhety tetft r iurnswt sa n i 1520e werth wor $8iobill retheom's sngethissi misro fs. e st ven'sstinyl marand ki htc.en th e rdhadwooor floeys thnn plaed b touyh witas lt e e'syear taxs ndrefu.
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ep>> rr:ortecl uname s is inholdng oo t irthelon cec bseau mesoe onseelri t ted toeakt i an run. they believe a data breach exposed their expensiveer plsona in atform tionoca ss mmerwhose ud itfi to orle f their tax rendfu. ourte sistar s tioneflawjshow st ju howas ey the crime can haen. >> hi tiss ro pbbalyha wt ha edppenyo to u. at whyo do hiu tbonk at?ha ha>> tint's .sanea ep>> rr:orteat wh f was wiled faa wke.-2 aralngmi elyy as mtoe akteafa r arse ochinnle. city after city scammers feofngrioc denum atsbat airgn pr esicll ave o iheerntt.ner ov exer tt. d an ajustpl cou he of wours-2s th coe st? 20 uc0 b tks. aphe poer whacas wercip ke ta tn toxpax epaert th onomps d >>thoes oois lkek liea a r ooit legks lit. >> lo it leoks git. >> re we'in see eg ansixplof on o
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>> reporter:20 00,0ra fuludt ena re rntufis d le minylard an in 2015lo a aneorcc tdingato ste fi ofs.cial e thosthare ese ont tha were htcaug. he otetrs gou thrhegh tte sysm until families like thaue tos in lez fi. t >>ishis y veropeye g.enin ndme a a heros hnest people s wo neuld asver isumetht's mar ra t mpanthout ep>> rr:ortech tegynolo to cr teate dheseenocumsnts i't ne arcess ilygaillel. d itn'oesrot chess ten1e lin5 ntil cid useona ffilereake s.turn i ithiatchng taq op st mpingn thauedos m aonilli en id ttity rheftnsetur.015 it inngiatirl nea0 y 80incrimal in igvestnsatio. th wis thi oriplff aa m i'msenf na .rere ry>> k: stale her lis aatook ha we't w eki wornng oa br ew "nlis 3 t ve areth"e. wonneedaysde waccrupk he t vi eodv ltau. to ayde' w ll beunlanggiro ad.un loa ntok ieo thniappeong l escen i h wday there rt paeny wt on tiunnr su.isev us pl it was snccieei fnctio but w nos it' sign fact. a k loo at theew n e unvefiem d mn
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os thietornds aol whote lc ywhenoiou j fn usosne " ws 3 aliveret the." >> he mic lle: goodotamari , well okind mso a ban'sgielonwengs re re edturner aftlo he isst h ll waet. bu t t noytever whingnsas iide it . t soehe p wrsonneetured ths etwallhecom sinxpla aingnd di td ia in ignoet l tter hhat lt in tdot.alle dwhat
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co umingp. >>yskrl:ta t'shati a hgh sc olho oherctrs famro uhta nggivin a iromptumpe pmarfornce anat aorirptrm teinaln i wa inshogtn. dc. th weyeertr sdean bdyhe tin wrte atwer.he eythid dtn'av h ae hteol or antrorspattniond aad him t oen ei thar hndso sy theec d gideive a er porfncmae. eth band'sap cud anciesae el it pe hellmd cam the.down ywhenreou aan strnoded e t th obestrcf cianumstces.
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>> ly kelt : idwouln be dshie.icn u ai tsrpor s arereo stl.ssfu avto h be aifeaut he orc pl gayin wem cal cboverya wn do. m >>llichei e: k thin it's omaweshee tery wile w tlingo o d .that l n istethto is. i d kin s ofaet ig.wronro nthisorew ytyk ci l manuo ll waheet tasn wpr surd isee e thso perhon wn fouhed tstl wal re edturnlm aostry evegthin but tnothe wt.alle yrilela f lteryost hisal w alett a ce con frt aewee w ksago. he um assed all ofis h cash, itcred cards,wa sub pyassnd a d. wne goore f wtwo leeks haterveeceihid ts loenverope fmn any anomouso god ma saanrit i guess yalou cl him w rhoneeturisd hen licnse aw yo c itcredd carthbut vee en loperar so allu inca ded enoteinxplaing wh lyy onme so t ofwa enconterts wree edturn qu ie...n tept bcashuseca ilaed ne.weed ra e th. marro cseecaule is75 $2. thand lle waecet b iausekt's ind of ol coa at fl gteryck kiheof tas lewhoin thndg a p tteddo le dn oictins iamtagr th rse peaion sped ho h youaave od go. day sandfo a hterdte poshid te n
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er whee ht loshe tle waltgh cau t dwin ofha wppt hadene and fe of hredimic tkets ton a miupco sng bhowidut d say .this eleav the wtalle home. la [ erught ] >> ly kel w: i bouldape hopy t t ge theerdrivic's leens rd cabas ck. th at'she tar pt -- m >>lliche ae: hit tsnt poim i a su as hmingroe py babladalrey elcancheed t ctrediar cds and il st tl ghoseo tughroh theho wle ss me. k >>alrystut: b m it fade or a funicy.storia ug[ la ]htera ic>> me:hell g itmeave r uc ch k>>stry: alll ahi ts ng nscoerid.ed hwee avloa mot trecoo n me o s "newve3 li12 at ":30. tifighorng fes accs. pl apd e anfbthe i go -theadado-her oveofone s thean rn benoardiot sho per'ss.hone apwhy ceple yso savi pro ding ssacceth to one phule cot d pu ofall at us ap m >>llicheple: ewus nea thr de th kae zius virti con tnueso re spad. re chsearsaers cy it could ause hmoreh ealtesissu. d ane'thernes a sow di rder 'sthatng beike lin td toikhe za ru vis. k >>alrystnd: aat creing ch .ange
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st tsudenan a hn ds o alook qu
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sethe o ed ttathe >> michelle: ig rht now on "n s ewli3 ave12t 0,:3 g"ino g he
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ssacce tone of osathe n rn benoardi t^r'ooteteesphon anthe s swerstinveorigatins thk m it hightdolnd ahy wv alepp n' wo c bdge. >> st kry nal: thew areathes te us virti con tnuesso d.preaz re chsear serstay ild cous caue re moea hlthesissu. e thew nma llty ang beiin l tkedo th e vi.rus ic>> me:hell re cgatinch .ange ethoc lalro pamgrin givgri at sk ud st aentans hnds o look at food by in takheg trom fuevoo t aty d cel ta all to prevent childhood itobesy. >> ou ann: ncers newta3 srts gh rit ic>> me:hellod goer aftn.nooel omwelc ee inboverydy. th yoank r u foinjoin.g us gtech aiant gpple oing -theadado-heh wit rngove.mentre d an ait'secll b aause sppleaid it l wilginot ccve atoess cr endyptet con oentn san arbern sdinoerhoot sodorofa ho ipne. >> st kry sal: poed f jeral s haed rulrat tharh tecnt gia mu hst telpbihe fcoreverh tat po iatent vllyblaluaea. dat re hehe's tst que.oughcoo t isomhe c tpanyg akinroa stng
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rcenfotemenke to ds ue befesa c' nbevs sttte pan ersoorexpl th isose rsues nightow. >> or rep ter:dea fejural dge tu yesdaer ordeced tiah geppl elto hhep tlnlbi u tsu neiphosa of rnn benoardis mas oo sh sterfayed k.roo jthe rudgedule d m idproveae rabsonhn teclica as ansistoce t ariutho itiesn ac incessheg tat da on rofaok's ho ipne. orauthsitie areti sllin tryg to ll fi in theunss8 mimiing s nutee r e of he til kr'leacs ontiafs r te e thooshngti. >> ha t18t in meutiss cr r>>orepr:teth fetsano te owkn if anything on the phone n callfin iatthap gnd af i e theranare hey otuer cl ts tohe ot plt tha 1leftlopl peoade de d anwo22 eundd. st jut lass toirec ja cmesyome t tat sene n paetel g itingntoalgorofa ok's e ph isone . key e >> wl stil ohavefne ose tho ll kil ne phoats th h we avenot be blen ahu.openec oeen ton ms 'rwe selltior wngkin oit. >> reporter: overnight eappl's t imoo ck asreleed ata sentemt ngsayi's itpe cooedrath wit the


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